5 Ways To Improve Your Running

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Trying to train for longer distance and improve running is a major undertaking. It requires time, a good level of fitness and great motivation. Many people often see an increase in their performances initially, but because they lack motivation they reach a plateau quickly and then stop improving from that point onwards.

There are several ways and training methods which can be followed to run faster and longer. Here are a few techniques that one can try to improve their running and run for a longer distance:

1. Increasing Training Mileage

Increase your mileage when you train and this will definitely improve your performance. This technique is adopted by many athletes as they train to increase their mileage every day. However, you need a proper fitness foundation for this. Give your body a chance to adapt to running rather than straining it. A good fitness foundation can be built in 8-10 weeks. Once you have achieved that foundation you can increase your training mileage and introduce advanced running techniques in your training.

2. Change of Scenery

Running the same route every day might dull the excitement and make running boring. New running routes divert attention from the efforts it takes to run and also adds the enjoyment to the experience. A route can become monotonous after a few months so make sure you combine your running with a little bit of exploring and change routes every once in a while.

3. Water

Dehydration is a very big threat for runners. You lose water through sweat and breathing and it is essential that it be replenished. If you don’t replace your lost fluid your performance will suffer drastically. It’s essential that you drink enough water before training and also running the race. Make sure you drink about 0.5 liter of water a few hours before you take the run.

4. Recovery

Running is stressful and straining of the body. Muscles can be physically damaged while you train for longer and can result in soreness. You need to give your body a chance to repair muscle damage so that they become stronger. Keep walking for 5-10 minutes when you have completed a training run. This reduces the build up of lactic acid in the body, which is a cause of painful muscles and also inhibits recovery.

5. Posture

This is something very essential when it comes to running. If your posture goes wrong, you might end up straining and injuring your muscles. To overcome this, it’s essential that you practice a basic posture while you run. Your eyes should be on the horizon rather than the ground. This keeps the head in a good and comfortable position and your shoulders should be hung low and loose. Don’t tense up when you become tired during the run, this will make the run more difficult. Also, imagine that your belly button is tied to a string, which is pulling you on the road while you run, this keeps the pelvis and the hips in an effective running position.

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