4 Creative Ways to Make Siri Brilliant

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With human-esque speech features, Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, is a very useful application. A lot of people take advantage of this powerful feature every day. However, most of them may not have an idea about utilizing its full potential on a daily basis or maybe it looks awkward for them to talk to Siri in public places or perhaps they don’t know the commands make Siri more productive and brilliant. Either way, here are some simple tips and tricks that can be used to improve your Siri experience and become a Siri power user.

  1. Use Siri to Find and Launch Apps

Hunting through your phone to find an app or stacking apps one after another on the home screen has become outdated. Siri is a very capable and effective app launched.

Press the Home button until the Siri UI appears on screen and then speak, “Launch (app name), Open (app name) or even Play (game name). Although this functionality cannot be used to control currently running apps, but it can be used to launch apps.

  1. Check and Sending Emails and Text Messages

Siri can help you check an important message and respond to it immediately while you are doing something else. To read your email or messages open Siri simply and just say, “Read my email” or “Read my text messages.” This will make Siri read all your latest emails or messages. If you wish to read only the last received email or message than change the command likewise and say. “Read my latest (email or message)”.

After it has read the message, it will ask you if you wish to respond back via the Siri UI. If you do, then you will simply have to dictate your message to the Siri UI and your response will be sent. You can also send new email or message by opening Siri and speaking. Just say “Email/Text (name of contact in the list)”. When you do this, Siri will ask you about the body of the message as well. You can use the built-in dictation of iOS 7 to create your message. Once done, you can ask Siri to send it.

  1. Checking voicemail and missed calls

Simply ask Siri to “Check Voicemail”. It will search your last un-listened to voicemail and show up the results. You can tap and select any one and it will be played for you. If you want to check missed calls, simply say “Check my missed calls” and Siri will list down the missed calls in the interface only.

  1. Editing misread questions

Although Siri understands all the questions competently, but when it makes a mistake, it usually gets the question a lot wrong. If this happens to you, you can simply edit the phrase or word by typing it out rather than re-speaking the word already misinterpreted.

Simply tap on the question you asked and it will put you into editing mode when you can re-type the word/phrase and continue with your commands.

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