10 Tips to Become a Twitter Power User

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It’s often surprising to see people have so little understanding of the social media they have been using for some time now. Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook and a lot of others are all part of the Web 2.0 and social media needs to be treated as exactly that, only, if you are not a social person by nature, then I’m afraid that you might not be able to perform well on the social media websites too.

Twitter is one of the most common and very powerful social networks. However, it pains me to see how a lot of people actually fail when using Twitter. This often happens because people fail to consider the real value of this social media platform and use it as just another RSS feed.

To achieve real Twitter power and become a power Twitter user, one needs to stop treating their profiles as RSS feeds and follow the below Twitter power user tips:

  1. Share

Always re-tweet if you find something that is worth sharing. Do not just put up tweets. If you think somewhere something is worth sharing, then re-tweet it. However, don’t forget that it should be something interesting or informative.

  1. Be Humble

When you find some valuable information you can always write a blog article about it, but when you tweet about that particular article, always bring a thank you notice in your tweets essentially. Also learn to mention whatever you found in less than 140 characters to build interest.

  1. Be Helpful

If you think you have a potential answer to a question asked by someone on Twitter, be helpful and answer it. Even though others might have done that too, but you need to play your part and provide them with a valid answer. If you have no knowledge about what’s trending, stop interfering and making a fool out of yourself.

  1. Be Opportunistic

When you see an open window and opportunity on Twitter to be social be sure to grab it and not let it go. Do not hesitate. You are on social media to build contacts so don’t let go of any opportunity when you see one, however don’t become a social climber.

  1. Provide Quality Information

Make it a habit of providing your Twitter community with important and quality information every day. If you have a business or product to market, make sure you use this micro blogging social platform to your advantage.

  1. Always Tweet Your Blogs/Website

Tweet your blog or website. This way you will be able to share more information and more content with your followers on the social network and also build your audience. Make sure you mention the links to your blogs or websites often without being overwhelming.

  1. Respond

Respond to requests made. Successful Twitter users do more than just announcements on their Twitter profiles. Spark conversation and join conversations because the platform is open, make your point clearly and with crisp words. Don’t get rude, but be to the point.

  1. Don’t Forget Quality

Always post quality comments. People will only follow you if what you Tweet is worth reading so be sure to provide quality content only.  Unsubstantial arguments won’t get you followers or the right kind of fame, so avoid being stupid.

  1. Mobilize Network

Mobilize your social network through Twitter. Connect it to your Facebook or your MySpace. If you use Instagram, post links to the pictures, but stay connected always. This way you can make full use of the micro blogging available to you.

  1. Sign Your Twitter Name

Don’t forget to put your Twitter name in all your signatures as it’s often forgotten. When you put in your Twitter name in your signature, you may get new followers and it will also help spread your circle.

Following these simple ways will make you a powerful Twitter user. Although the rules are very basic, you need to follow them essentially to use the actual power of Twitter.

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